Resurrection plans for OE

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Resurrection plans for OE Empty Resurrection plans for OE

Post  Thoth Amon on Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:29 pm

A warm hello to all OE players past and present, here are some ideas I have for ensuring OE's continuation and possible future....there is scope for negotiation on all points and I hope Paul finds them off suitable interest to implement them.

1: Reinstate IWS with ABS and derp replacing refueller and ADN, plus a size 100 colony pack. Replacing cargo pods with a blue print and implementing small and medium hyper drives in their place would be a winner.

2: Do a small but selective relaunch and bring some of the former devs back on board. If Paul was willing, let them run the dev work on Paul's behalf.

3: Implement a standing sub of £10 a month for a premium membership...perhaps with incentives such a size 150 colonies and no IWS limit. Keep the current iTunes subs perhaps for the younger players

The first would, I think help finance the server costs in the short term, the second and third would keep the game out there and viable in the long term.

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