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Traveller AR shutdown Empty Traveller AR shutdown

Post  Tibolt on Sat May 12, 2012 12:52 am

This was posted by their devs on facebook:

We have a sad announcement to make today. Effective today, we are putting the Traveller AR Beta on hold. Though we have come a long ways with the game with the help of many developers, artists and fans, we have run out of resources to continue. We have been and will continue to seek publishers/partners/investors to continue the effort, but in the meantime we can no longer in good faith properly support the game and its players. This is not the end of Traveller AR; we are discussing a number of different options, including fan mini-game development, open sourcing the code, etc., but for now, the game will be off of the appstore and the servers will be shutdown. If you feel you have not gotten sufficient entertainment value during the beta period for your money paid, you may request a refund via the appstore and receive it with no questions asked. And this website and the discussion boards will continue to be up. We invite your thoughts on the game, its future and other ideas. Thank you again for your support and playership and we look forward to hearing from you and doing great things with Traveller in the future.


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